it is friday and i felt like mimicking my rl appearance today. i was never one for the layered look until recently, that goes for in-world and out. the most i’d layer is a t-shirt and a hoodie. not anymore tho! however, i’ve learned over this cold winter that layering can be your best friend. i’ve also become addicted to scarves.. and thanks to maitreya i’m about to add hair with bangs/fringe to the list of my addictions. hair is already on there, of course, but that would be a whole different post altogether, lol. ;D

skin — dutch touch. gwen/coffee/smokeyx
hair — maitreya. nimue/bistre
eyes — silhouette. moodpt3/midnight sunny
lashes — lelutka. photoshoot II
shape — this is my personal shape, but id be happy to
help you with your own if you’d like.

jacket layer — berries inc. mel shirt/dark grey
shirt layer — henley hoodie/black
undershirt — plastik. tomboy tee/psychopanda
pants — wildcatz. bootcut
shoes — kao. suede fringe boots/black

glasses — solar. arae
joint — sinister designs.
purse — atomic. canvas art tote
scarf — grasp. star patterned muffler/group gift
piercings — i honestly dont remember and there’s no shop name.

idia — an am radio build

music mood;
annie little — fly me away